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Glamorous Camping Hire

Belle Glamping & Events is a family-owned, mobile glamping business established in June 2017, located on the Central Coast NSW. We specialise in delivering a glamorous, boutique camping experience that emphasizes eco-friendly practices and minimal environmental impact.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful getaway breathing fresh sea air or an adventurous weekend under the stars, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and stress-free experience by handling all setup and takedown details. At Belle Glamping & Events, we’re passionate about connecting you with nature in style, making each stay not just a trip, but a memorable, magical escape.

Range of Tents Available

Belle Glamping & Events offers an exquisite range of Bell Tents, available in a variety of themes including Neutral & Whites, Boho, Moroccan, and Coastal styles, ensuring a unique and stylish glamping experience tailored to every guest's taste.

Perfect for Photoshoots & Films

Belle Glamping & Events' beautifully styled Bell Tents provide an ideal backdrop for photoshoots and filming, offering a picturesque and versatile setting that enhances any visual project with its unique charm and elegance.

Optional Gourmet Glampers

Enhance your luxury camping experience with an option to include bespoke food packages and select wines with the hire of any Bell Tent, perfect for indulging in gourmet treats while surrounded by nature.

Hassle Free Getaways & Events

The dedicated team at Belle Glamping & Events expertly handles every detail of setting up and dismantling your Bell Tent, ensuring a hassle-free experience so you can immerse yourself in relaxation from the moment you arrive until your departure.

Glamping Suite for 2

Belle Glamping & Events is a luxury mobile Glamping Business on the Central Coast that offers boutique style accommodation.

Wedding Accommodation

Transform your wedding into an enchanting retreat with Belle Glamping & Events’ Wedding Accommodation, offering beautifully themed Bell Tent Suites that provide a luxurious, intimate setting for you and your guests to relax and celebrate amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Central Coast NSW and surrounding areas.

Event & Festival Accommodation

Enhance your event with Belle Glamping & Events’ luxurious accommodation solutions, offering guests an unforgettable stay in our stylish and comfortable Bell Tents, perfect for any festival, corporate retreat, or special gathering.

Photoshoots & Filming

Belle Glamping & Events offers an idyllic setting for photo shoots and filming, with our elegantly designed Bell Tents providing a picturesque backdrop that enhances any visual project. Our tents have been featured in various campaigns, including one by the renowned brand UGG, showcasing their versatility and appeal in creating a visually compelling environment.

Romantic Weekend Getaways

Escape the ordinary with Belle Glamping & Events’ Weekend Getaways, where we bring luxurious, eco-friendly camping directly to you at stunning locations across the Central Coast NSW, Hunter Valley, Newcastle, and beyond. Choose from our stylishly themed Bell Tent Suites—from Boho to Coastal—and indulge in a serene, glamping experience that combines the comfort of five-star amenities with the enchanting beauty of nature.

Corporate & Christmas Events

Belle Glamping & Events offers a unique and stylish solution for corporate and team events, including Christmas parties, that goes beyond the conventional venue. Tailored to meet the needs of business events, our tents create an immersive environment perfect for workshops, retreats, and celebrations. Imagine hosting your next team-building session or holiday party amidst the elegance and comfort of our themed tents, where every detail is crafted to inspire creativity and collaboration while providing a memorable escape from the office.

Hens & Slumber Parties in Style

Our stylish Bell Tents provide the perfect blend of comfort and glamour, creating an enchanting atmosphere for any festive gathering. Whether it’s a night of pampering, games, or simply relaxing with friends, our glamping setup ensures a unique, cozy, and utterly chic party experience that elevates these special occasions into something truly magical.

Rosh Navendra
Rosh Navendra
Hi Michelle, I don't want to speak for everyone else, but we certainly had a great time. The four of us were very pleased with ourselves, as we watched the other three sweating over their tents when we packed up on Sunday :-) As usual, I'm always embarrassed to show my friends back home the pictures of inside your tents as they immediately point out that it's more like a 5 star hotel. Jokes aside, the service was excellent as usual. The tents were clean, very well appointed (love the towels, blankets, lights, and space to get dirt off before going in, and at the entrance). The new mattresses were very comfortable, and I think an excellent investment. On another note, as I sheepishly showed my wife the pictures of the tent, and after her mockery subsided, she has agreed that she would love to go camping based on your tent setup. Win win! Cheers, Rosh
Rashi Srivastava
Rashi Srivastava
The tents were good looking, neat with blankets and towels. All the stuff promised was provided. We were glamping at Glenworth Valley on a busy long weekend, and we had slight problems due to rain, busiest weekend and no reception in the valley. Michelle was unable to contact us of running late, just beware of the weather. Kindly check the beds and for a spare pump before she leaves the site, dont hesitate to call her, she is lovely and always comes back for help. Check the bedside lamps and other lights too.
Such a pretty and cute set up! Loved the fairy lights inside. The tents are really big, sleeped the four of us on separate air beds that were so, SO comfortable! Nice linen and towels and cushions included. The decor and care they put in is amazing. Thank you so much, it was a wonderful weekend staying in your glamping set up!

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